Gordon G. Chang, 06.12.17 1:00 AM ET A Chinese informant for the Central Intelligence Agency was shot in front of colleagues in the courtyard of a government building, reports The New York Times. China’s government, according to former American officials, executed at least a dozen supposed CIA sources from the

Alarming questions over the scale – and sources – of organ transplants need to be answered. By Matthew Robertson and Jacob Lavee March 29, 2017 International concern over China’s system of human organ transplantation has been expressed for decades. Over the last several years, the Chinese authorities report working hard

December 15, 2016 Associated Press Miss Canada will be vying for more than the winner’s tiara when she competes in the annual Miss World pageant in Washington this weekend. Anastasia Lin wants to tell a global TV audience about the evil of organ-harvesting. Lin was due to compete at Miss