How Could This Happen?

Falun Gong practitioners re-enact organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, during a protest in Washington on April 19, 2006. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Falun Gong practitioners re-enact organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, during a protest in Washington on April 19, 2006. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

To understand how organ harvesting could happen in China, it is crucial to understand that there is no limit to how far the Chinese Communist Party will go to wipe out something or someone.

When the persecution started in July 1999, the Chinese regime called Falun Gong “the biggest threat to national security since Tiananmen Sqaure 10 years ago,” and today they are more terrified than ever. Official communist party documents recently issued have stated, “”The competition against Falun Gong is the principal means of competition for the hearts and minds of the masses.”

Jiang Zemin, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party when the persecution began, was seeking a way consolidate his own power while also eliminating the largest movement of thought in recent Chinese history. To achieve his goals, he knew he needed one thing more than anything: Hate. The key to carrying out the persecution has been to instill hatred in the masses toward Falun Gong. With the largest propaganda network in the world, he launched a campaign of villainous lies and slander targeting Falun Gong practitioners, their beliefs, and the founder of the practice Li Hongzhi.

Since the persecution began, Falun Gong practitioners have shown the world the truth of the situation though, and each days, the scales of public sentiment are tipping ever in the favor of compassion over hatred. However, the campaign continues against Falun Gong. A 2012 party document uncovered in several geographically disparate locales exhorts authorities to create a climate in which Falun Gong are treated “like rats running across the street that everyone shouts out to smash; don’t leave them any space.”

We won’t repeat the horrible propaganda on this website, but you should know that it largely succeeded in creating a public opinion of Falun Gong practitioners as something less than human. And with that achieved, the public no longer needed to have human feelings of sympathy for Falun Gong. Whether someone’s neighbor, parent, child, or friend, Falun Gong practitioners were immediately branded for purging from society. It is the exact same tactic used by the Nazis against the Jews and of every dictator carrying out genocide.

Hundreds of thousands Falun Gong practitioners were detained and many went missing immediately after the persecution began. These innocent prisoners of conscience were deprived of their fundamental human rights for no reason other than their belief. Falun Gong practitioners became the dominant group in communist China’s extra-legal system of labor camps and detention centers.

Now, with this enormous group of perfectly healthy people, all of whom the party sought to “eradicate” and many of whom were never even documented as entering the system, the Communist Party saw an opportunity. Full of hatred and viewing them as non-people, they turned the entire population of Falun Gong prisoners into the world’s only living organ bank. Now, they could not only kill off Falun Gong, but make a fortune selling their vital organs through state-run hospitals. The country had already established a system for collecting organs from executed prisoners, now they were able to scale the whole operation up to frighteningly unprecedented levels.


In a communist regime, if the dictator is determined to do something, he can make the entire nation weep within days. And those cries can last for years. We often think of Stalin’s Great Purge and Mao’s Cultural Revolution as things of the past that couldn’t happen today. But Jiang Zemin’s personal crusade against Falun Gong is exactly the same. When Jiang started the persecution in 1999, he found little support from the other members in the Politburo Standing Committee. Undaunted, Jiang decided to act on his own, using the campaign against Falun Gong to simultaneously push out his political rivals within the party. Through this, he led the entire country to wage war against Falun Gong.

“Jiang has mobilized a Mao-era mass movement against [Falun Gong]” and “‘¦the most severe criticism leveled at Jiang’s handling of the Falun Gong is that he seems to be using the mass movement to promote allegiance to himself.”– CNN’s Senior China Analyst Willy Lam


To illustrate the inhumanity of the persecution, here is one short story told by an inmate recently released from prison in China. An elderly Falun Gong practitioner refused to renounce his belief and was thus tortured. To protest the abuse, he went on a hunger strike, which made him extremely weak. Between the torture and malnourishment, his health drastically deteriorated. As he neared death, the guards simply dragged him to the hallway and left him lying on the ground. For days this elderly man lay in the fetal position, his life withering away as guards walked past without a second glance. He died in silence, his body removed along with that day’s trash.

In an environment so thick with hate and slander, so devoid of humanity, is it any wonder that Falun Gong practitioners came to be killed for their organs?

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